There Is No Reason For Expensive Face Creams – Try Urine Instead?

If you have struggled with skin problems, you know what you are willing to do for acne free skin. We will walk the seven corners of the Earth just to find the miracle treatment that has alluded us. There are women in the United Kingdom who feel as though they may have found their own fountain of youth in the form of urine. Is this a treatment you would be willing to undergo to remove blemishes from your skin?

The results so far have been rather promising, as urine manages to remove blemishes and spots at an incredible speed. You would have to imagine that there have to be some results as the average woman is not going to sit around the house covering her face in urine! Neal Schultz, M.D., a New York City dermatologist an expert in  this field was asked his opinion on this treatment. Urine is composed of 95 percent water after that urea is the next highest concentration. It is his understanding that urea acts as an exfoliant and believes this is why it has recently caught on as a skin-care product.

If you feel like cashing in on the pee craze it has been found to be an extraordinary moisturizer and beneficial in removing calluses. Urea is known as a keratolytic, which simply means it has the ability to dissolve the keratin found in the outer layer of the skin.However, urea is also a humectant, giving it the ability to add essential water to the skin. If you sit to think about it urine is one of the best skin care products around. It has the ability to exfoliate dry skin and will retain the water, thus improving hydration. However, Schultz was quick to state that urine contains a very small amount of urea, the results you would achieve would be minimal. Manufactured creams include between a 10-15 percent of urea, while urine it is less than 5 percent.

If you are looking for a natural remedy, but the thought of peeing on your face isn’t your cup of tea, think of tea-tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and green tea. These are all excellent remedies that might not turn your stomach so greatly as pee.

We all get desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to get beautiful skin, however, it looks like urine is just not worth it. You are simply going to gross yourself out, possibly get sick, and it is not effective as creams containing urea.  Leave pee in the toilet where it belongs and find a better alternative for your face.