4 Ways To Maximize Your Moisturizer’s Power

Moisturizing the skin properly takes more than just a swipe here and a dab there. You need to know how to moisturize your skin properly in order to reap the benefits for supple, glowing skin. Follow these tips to be sure your hydrating routine is maximizing your moisturizer.

Find the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin

Always use the right moisturizer. The body lotion is not meant for use on the face. In fact, according to Dr. Adebola Dele-Michael, using body lotion on the face leads to breakouts and skin irritation.

This is because the lotions made for elbows and knees are thicker and can clog facial pores, leading to acne breakouts. Your facial skin is delicate and much less resilient than your hands and feet. Treat it properly by using a moisturizer formulated for your facial skin type.

Individuals with normal skin should use moisturizers with natural oils. Those who suffer from dry skin should look for thicker lotions that have an ability to lock in moisture.

Apply Your Moisturizer Evenly

Be sure to apply the moisturizer evenly around the face, being careful not to allow it to settle along the hairline or near the ears. This, along with hair products, can cause clogged pores. Apply moisturizer evenly to prevent clogs, paying particular attention to the “T” zone where natural oils tend to build for oily skin and dryness creeps up for those with dry skin.

Use SPF Moisturizer the Right Way

SPF moisturizers are often used on the face while any leftovers are smoothed down over the neck. Avoid doing this. Apply a nickel-sized amount of moisturizer to the face and a quarter-sized amount to the neck and chest area.

Your neck is an extension of your face, and it needs attention, too. This helps you avoid wrinkles caused by sun damage. Be sure to apply enough to protect the skin on the entire face and neck area.

Moisturize Right after Showering

Apply moisturizer to skin right after showering to take advantage of the shower’s moisture. Leaving your skin bare after a shower begins the dehydration process.

Step out of the shower and put your moisturizer on your face. You can also take advantage of moisturizing the rest of your skin with body lotion in this manner.

Every Woman Should Be Testing These 4 Natural Beauty Tips

If looking and feeling beautiful has only been a part of your imagination, then imagine no more. By following these natural beauty tips your imagination will become a reality.

Make no mistake; these tips don’t involve excessive makeup that only serves to cover up the problem. They speak right to the heart of the problem. In other words, it tackles the long-term problems that make you feel less beautiful than you really are.

What exactly is it that makes women feel ugly? A simple lie that beauty is, in fact, a competition.

Modern society tells us that women who appear in all the fashion magazines, on television and billboards represent pure beauty. We are driven to look like those “perfect” women and no matter how much you try you simply can’t compete with their youth and looks.

It’s time to escape this lie and here is how you do it.

No. 1 – Beauty Is Unique And Natural

Despite what you might believe, women actually hate competing with other women in terms of beauty.  The truth is that every woman has a natural beauty internally and externally.

Through your personality, the way you interact with other people, your special facial features, these are things that contribute to your natural beauty. Even your thoughts play a vital role and people notice. Accepting your natural beauty is the first towards discovering how beautiful you really are.

No. 2 – Change Your Internal Dialogue

The next time you step in front of a mirror or see your reflection somewhere think of positive aspects. Under no circumstances should you look at yourself and think negative thoughts. Even if you are not satisfied with something, look past it. Here are some suggestions for things you should be thinking in front of the mirror.

– I am a woman, and all women are beautiful.

– My beauty comes naturally, internally and externally.

– It’s my choice to see my natural beauty.

No. 3 – Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Feeling depressed about the way you look will obviously lead to a negative attitude. Never accept that you are not worth the extra effort, because once you start taking care of yourself things are going to change.

Start by making small changes. Pay a little more attention when you style your hair, switch the soft-drink for water and maybe walk around the block to get some exercise. Taking care of your body will automatically generate feelings of self-confidence and self-confidence is what you need to get past that horrible lie.

No. 4 – Wear Clothes That You Like

Last but not least, women who typically don’t believe they are beautiful usually hide behind clothes, makeup and anything else they can find. In order to show your natural beauty, you need to bring it to the forefront. You can do this by cutting the makeup and wearing clothes that make you feel good.