The Most Effective Anti-Aging Creams

Every year, people throw away billions of dollars as they try to find the perfect anti-aging creams and beauty products. Sadly, there isn’t anything that will make the signs of aging vanish completely, but there are a lot of creams that can help prevent or reduce those signs.

Experts like Nanette Silverberg, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital’s director of dermatology agree that anti-aging creams do work. However, you shouldn’t run out to the store and buy one of these creams unless you’ve done some research first. You need to know what ingredients you should look for, and which claims you and trust.

The Best Ingredients

When you’re looking for a cream, you’ll need to consider both your skin type and your major concerns. Are you worried about dryness? Wrinkles? Fine lines? A lot of anti-aging creams tend to be expensive, but you should also be able to find something that’s effective and affordable once you know the ingredients to look out for.

These are the best ingredients for various skin issues:

Dryness and Scaling

Gregory Papadeas, a board-certified dermatologist who used to be president of the Colorado Dermatological Society, states that any moisturizer should help to avoid the signs of aging. However, if you’re looking for anti-aging effects, you’ll want to seek out products that contain glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acid.

Texture Issues

If your primary concern is fine lines, you should look for creams that have vitamin A. This is an ingredient found in most prescription creams. Dr. Silverberg states that creams that contain this ingredient will help to smooth the surface of the skin.

Sun Damage

If you’re trying to recover from sun damage, you’ll want a cream that’s rich in anti-oxidants. This will help to repair your skin, and will also help to prevent damage in the future. One of the best antioxidants to look for in a skin cream in vitamin C. It’s also important to look for a daily moisturizer that contains sunscreen.

Once you’ve found the ingredients you want to look out for, you’ll want to know which claims you should trust.

What Claims Can You Believe?

Although the FDA does regulate prescription cosmetics, they’re not as strict when it comes to the regulation of nonprescription cosmetic products. The people who are making these creams don’t have to prove they’re safe or effective before they release them. In addition, it’s legal for a product to make claims about the things it can do even if they don’t have clinical evidence to support that.

However, the FDA does require companies to reveal the ingredients that their products contain. So while you can’t believe the claims that a product makes, you can trust what’s on its ingredient label. Every ingredient has to be listed, and it has to be listed in descending order based on the quantity of the ingredient in the cream.

When you’re evaluating products, run down the list of ingredients and see if it contains anything that has irritated your skin in the past. You can use the ingredient order to see what the concentration of the ingredients is like.

If possible, you should discuss creams with a dermatologist before you start using one. You want to find a cream that will deliver good results. Switching the creams you use too often may actually wind up damaging your skin, and there are a number of ingredients that can cause both redness and irritation in your skin. The more creams you try, the more likely you are to run into problems.


There Is No Reason For Expensive Face Creams – Try Urine Instead?

If you have struggled with skin problems, you know what you are willing to do for acne free skin. We will walk the seven corners of the Earth just to find the miracle treatment that has alluded us. There are women in the United Kingdom who feel as though they may have found their own fountain of youth in the form of urine. Is this a treatment you would be willing to undergo to remove blemishes from your skin?

The results so far have been rather promising, as urine manages to remove blemishes and spots at an incredible speed. You would have to imagine that there have to be some results as the average woman is not going to sit around the house covering her face in urine! Neal Schultz, M.D., a New York City dermatologist an expert in  this field was asked his opinion on this treatment. Urine is composed of 95 percent water after that urea is the next highest concentration. It is his understanding that urea acts as an exfoliant and believes this is why it has recently caught on as a skin-care product.

If you feel like cashing in on the pee craze it has been found to be an extraordinary moisturizer and beneficial in removing calluses. Urea is known as a keratolytic, which simply means it has the ability to dissolve the keratin found in the outer layer of the skin.However, urea is also a humectant, giving it the ability to add essential water to the skin. If you sit to think about it urine is one of the best skin care products around. It has the ability to exfoliate dry skin and will retain the water, thus improving hydration. However, Schultz was quick to state that urine contains a very small amount of urea, the results you would achieve would be minimal. Manufactured creams include between a 10-15 percent of urea, while urine it is less than 5 percent.

If you are looking for a natural remedy, but the thought of peeing on your face isn’t your cup of tea, think of tea-tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and green tea. These are all excellent remedies that might not turn your stomach so greatly as pee.

We all get desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to get beautiful skin, however, it looks like urine is just not worth it. You are simply going to gross yourself out, possibly get sick, and it is not effective as creams containing urea.  Leave pee in the toilet where it belongs and find a better alternative for your face.


Ways to Get Skin That Glows

Everyone insists on glowing skin. Have you thought why? Glowing skin is great to look at, yes, but it is great to look at because it signifies a healthy lifestyle. Whether we accept it nor not, healthy people, who smile often, look confident and use minimal makeup look much more attractive.

Some are blessed with great, glowing skin. However, a healthy skin can also be achieved by taking certain steps regularly and maintaining a sense of discipline. It sounds hard, but it is not and all the work you put in is worth it!

1. Regular Skin Care:

We all know the basics, cleansing, toning, moisturizing and most of us do it as well. However, skincare is a lifelong process and cleansing and moisturizing should be started as early as late teens. As we grow older, the skin loses elasticity, letting the first appearance of wrinkles, pores, and spots.

Therefore, it is imperative that added to the basic skin care regime, one should add a regular anti-aging product. Use a serum, which is more intensely targeted towards anti-aging twice or thrice a week added to the AHA laden anti-aging cream.

It is necessary to use face packs depending on your skin type. The homemade packs based mostly on honey, yogurt, aloe, pumpkin, egg and cucumber works very well by hydrating the tired skin. There is also the store bought ones which result effectively as well. If you can afford, do go in for facial treatments, once or twice a month. The packs along with the light face massage enhance blood circulation, benefiting the skin.

Also, use steam twice a week to thoroughly clean the pores to avoid black and white heads.

2. Exfoliate:

To get the glow on your skin, exfoliation is immensely important. A good face scrub, treats skin kindly, while softly removing the pile of dead cells and lessening blackheads. Exfoliating scrubs are available depending on skin types. Choose one best for you and apply twice a week.

You can, of course, choose to use a home made sugar, oatmeal and oil facial scrub for your face as well body. Just remember to use soft strokes to avoid damage on the skin.

3. Avoid Sun Damage:

Going for work, to the beach, or for a run regularly under the morning sun severely damages skin. Trouble is, we need the sun to build Vitamin D. Therefore, sun exposure is necessary but should be done after taking precautions. A sunscreen of SPF 15 should always be used, even if you are at home if it is winter or a cloudy day.

Understand that SPF 15 is the basic and depending on how easily you burn, choose a higher SPF. Understand that even if you do not burn or tan, the sun still causes damage by drying your skin, resulting in early onset of wrinkles.

If possible, carry your sunglasses and umbrella. Better yet, avoid the midday sun altogether.

4. Keep Hydrated:

We all know about drinking eight glasses of water, and yet we still forget about it. Glowing skin and hydrated body go hand in hand. Drink water the first thing in the morning to wash away all  the toxins that had piled up from the night before. Carry a bottle and drink at least, two liters each day.

For each mug of coffee or tea you consume, try to consume double the amount of water. Same applies for alcohol.

If drinking water through the day seems boring, try to add some low sugar natural juice, like celery, green apple or cucumber that freshens you immediately. You can also try to add flavors like lemon or peach to plain water to make it interesting.

5. Eat Your Vegetables:

Boring as this may sound, a good skin is a representative of a healthy body. So all those cigarettes, burgers, chips and cola are going to show on your face. The glow that a face has when the body is healthy cannot be compensated with any amount of makeup.

Almost all the vegetables, unless you are allergic to any of them, contains nutrients that are necessary for the body. There is not much point is having supplements, when you can have the real thing! Add colorful vegetables and greens to your usual meals and you might be surprised at how great your skin looks.

6. Rest:

Finally, get your 8 hours of sleep. Try to avoid stress and anxiety. Instead of checking your emails, or playing Candy Crush as the last thing you do while awake, read a book or just count sheep. Develop a sleeping ritual and follow that pattern, to let your brain prepare to relax.

A well-rested sleep makes you look fresh, glowing and great in the morning.

A glowing skin is desired by all and following a regulated lifestyle with ample exercise will keep your skin looking healthy and youthful for a much longer time.